Saturday, October 6, 2012

Holiday Bling Blog Hop - Reveal!

 Hi folks! Today is the reveal for the wonderful Holiday Bling Blog Hop! I love me some handcrafted, artisan Christmas ornaments. I have a tree full of them each and every year. This hop is hosted by Shelley Graham Turner and Marlene Cupo - thank you so much for hosting a swap that is near and dear to my heart!

I was paired with Heather Otto of The Crafthopper and Mama's Craft Room. Heather is a very, very talented artist. She creates amazingly beautiful jewelry. I was blown away when I opened my package from her. I've bought or made almost all of the ornaments on my tree myself, with the exception of the ornaments the kids made growing up and a couple that have been purchased for me. I've never had an ornament made just for me. Again, I was blow away. Heather captured what I love and lovingly crafted it into an ornament.
Heather used copper wire and shaped, hammered and patinaed it into the shape of a Christmas tree with waves - added dyed coral, a mother of pearl star and a piece of driftwood from the west coast. How stunning is this!?! Fittingly, it's displayed on my driftwood Christmas tree for the photo.
I have it hanging in my office at work where I can look at it every day until Christmas!

These are the ornaments I created for Heather. My style is quite a bit whimsical. The pair of hand painted, stained glass mittens are adorned with Mr. & Mrs. Snow:
Aren't they a handsome couple?!
 Now, sit back, grab a cup of coffee or tea and hop along with the other artists participating in the hop. Enjoy!

Michelle Fanucchi
 Monique Urquhart
Therese Frank
Heather Otto
Jo-Ann Woolverton 
Linda Florian
Debbie Rasmussen
Alicia Marinache
Ginger Bishop
Lo/  Lynn Jobber 
Leanne Loftus
Rita/Toltec Jewels
Shelly Joyce
Shai Williams
Lori Bowring Michaud
Lennis Carrier
Marla Gibson
Mary Howell Govaars
Linda Younkmann
Shirley Jones Moore
Melinda Orr
Marlene Cupo
Shelley Graham Turner
Sonya Stille 
Dyanne Cantrell
Anindita Basu
Dee Elgie 
Gina Hockett
Lori Jean Poppe
Charlie Jacka
Stephanie Stamper (Woods)
Mary Hicks, Shannon Hicks


  1. Lori, I just love what you and Heather have crafted for one another! That unique wire-written peace ornament is simply stunning, and I am just amazed with your beautifully painted little snow couple... love the red highlights on each on, Lori! Wishing you and yours a Season of Peace and Joy!

  2. The Peace ornament has amazing detail and your snowpeople are very frosty!

  3. Both creations (the Peace ornament and the mittens) are absolutely stunning. You are both so lucky, how gorgeous!

  4. Wow, I love her Peace ornament! What a treasured gift that will be, and I truly adore your mittens. I collect snowmen, so they grabbed me right away.

  5. Hi Lori,
    Wow that is a wonderful Peace tree ornament that your partner made for you I do not blame you at all for hanging it where you can see it all the time it is too amazing to pack away. I love the glass painted Snow people they are so cute, great job, it is not easy painting on glass.

  6. The peace tree is amazing, what a lovely sentiment! Gotta love the snowfolk as well, nice ornaments!

  7. Lori I am soo jealous, for real. The wire ornament made by Heather is clever, different and just plain wonderful. What a work of art! AND your painted stained glass mittens are cute and so whimsical. Snowman are the best! You BOTH did a fab job and have some great keepsakes from Holidays 2012!

    Thank you for participating in our blog hop and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! xxoOh! ~ Shelley

  8. The peace tree you made is so unique. I love it. And the snowmen mittens are awesome. I love, love, love snowmen and those are particularly adorable.

  9. The snowmen you made are some of the cutest I have ever seen! And I was blown away also by what Heather made for you---I can't imagine how you felt when you opened it. Hope you have a Peaceful Holiday Season! Gina

  10. I read stained glass on Heather's blog, but once I saw the details here I am blown away. What a cute couple. These ornaments are amazing.

  11. Fantastic swap pieces - that wire tree is stunning and I just love the whimsical details of Mr and Mrs Snow =)

  12. Those mittens are to die for! So adorable, and very much showing your amazing talent. I can picture that ornament hanging in a spot of honor on your tree. Thank you for being in our HBBH!

  13. Those handpainted mittens are the bomb! Love them - great job!

  14. What a lovely couple they are :) love them.

  15. How did you create Mr and Mrs Snow? They are ADORABLE!! ♥

    Love Heather's wire art Christmas tree on your driftwood holiday tree! The patina, coral, little star and "peace" are all so lovely: a special, charming Holiday gift!

    What a neat exchange you two shared, each creating beautiful, unique items!

    Happy Holidays,

  16. Those adorable snowmen are absolutely to die for! And the Peace ornament is definitely a keeper!!

  17. Lori, since I saw your snowmen this morning I was in love - they are the most adorable ornaments ever! congrats.

    And Heather's tree is absolutely gorgeous - I am sure you'll have fun with it!

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