Friday, April 20, 2012

April Is National Donate Life Month

Did you know that? Becoming an organ donor is easy and it doesn't hurt. If you already are a registered donor I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you aren't, won't you please consider it? We are a donor family. Our oldest child T.J. became an organ donor almost eight years ago - on Mother's Day, May 9, 2004. He saved the lives of 5 people with major organ donations - heart, liver, pancreas and kidneys. Two people who were going blind can see today. Countless others have been saved with his tissue and bone donations. You can read more about our beautiful boy on my T.J./Donate Life page.

The wife of T.J.'s best friend was saved with a heart transplant not all that long after he died. My friend Doreen's not quite three month old grandson is at Boston Children's awaiting a transplant. Please, be a hero donate life. 113,115 patients are awaiting transplant.

Here are some facts from the Donate Life America website:
Fact: Anyone can be a potential donor regardless of age, race, or medical history.
Fact: All major religions in the United States support organ, eye and tissue donation and see it as the final act of love and generosity toward others.
Fact: If you are sick or injured and admitted to the hospital, the number one priority is to save your life. Organ, eye and tissue donation can only be considered after you are deceased.
Fact: When you are on the waiting list for an organ, what really counts is the severity of your illness, time spent waiting, blood type, and other important medical information, not your financial status or celebrity status.
Fact: An open casket funeral is possible for organ, eye and tissue donors. Through the entire donation process the body is treated with care, respect and dignity.
Fact: There is no cost to the donor or their family for organ or tissue donation.

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