Thursday, June 7, 2012

Art Bead Earring Swap - June 2012 Edition

Hi folks! Quick post - a lot on the burner at the moment (flooded basement and 16 ornaments for my daughter's lacrosse team for tomorrow)! Many thanks to Diana Ptaszynski of Suburban Girl Studio for again hosting this lovely swap! My partners for this swap are two VERY talented ladies; ceramic artist Diane Hawkey and jewelry artist Shelby Foxwell.

Shelby sent me a beautiful pair of earrings that are going to go with a LOT! They're sterling silver with lampworked beads by Atlantis Glass & Bead. They're just gorgeous! Thank you so much Shelby!
Diane was again very generous (we were paired for the last swap too!) and sent 2 pairs, both are beautiful! Sterling silver with pearls and stones or glass and her own ceramic charms - love them! Thanks so much Diane!
I am a lucky girl! All 3 pairs will go with so many things. Thank you both so much!

The earrings I made for Diane and Shelby are both made with sterling silver wire and ear wires, ceramic rounds by Keith O'Connor (that I purchased at The Beadin' Path) and decoupaged beads (sealed with ICE Resin) by me.
The pair on the left for Diane has the image decoupaged to blue Chinese "sea glass" beads. Shelby's on the right are decoupaged on red Czech (I think) glass briolette pendants. The floral image that I decoupaged and sealed came from a back issue of Jo Packham's Where Women Create (Jo is also responsible for Where Women Cook, The Creative Connection and a number of books - she's an artist, author and entrepreneur) - spring 2010 issue I think. There was an article about Luana Rubin of In the article there was a picture of Luana holding up a beautiful quilt and I thought it would make a wonderful decoupage sheet for some future project.
So, it's time to kick back and take a tour of the other blogs to see what beautiful earrings the other other participants created. Thanks for stopping by and thanks again Diana!

Diana Ptaszynski
Patti Vanderbloemen
Lesley Watt
Jenny Davies Reazor
Melinda Orr
Cilla Watkins
Stephanie Haussler
Sally Russick
Susan Kennedy
Cheryl Brown


  1. Thank you for the earrings Lori, perfect for summer! I love seeing what everyone received!

  2. Sorry about your basement. You did get some gorgeous earrings. I love the pairs you sent to your partners!

  3. You received lovely earrings! But with partners like that... I liked your use of the same design/different palettes for your two partners. That was my take in things as well.

  4. Really great earrings! I love the ones you sent out too!

  5. Sorry about your basement, that stinks! You got great earrings from great partners! Thanks for joining in the swap!

    ~Diana P.

  6. sorry to read about your flooded basement! :(. But, you fot 3 pair of fabulous earrings! And thanks for sharing your inspiration behind your fabulous beads!!!! Enjoy!

  7. It was so much fun to be paired with you again!

  8. What great earrings for summer! Actually, they will look great year-round! The earrings that you made for them are gorgeous; love your decoupaged beads!

  9. So sorry to hear about your flooded basement!
    Very stylish ear rings.. love the colours..goes with almost anything!!

  10. Clever! I see the inspiration quilt in your pieces. The colors are quite striking. What a generous partner you had. I love all the very unique and different designs that I am seeing and being introduced to new to me artists! Enjoy the day. Erin
    P.S. I hope your water troubles are far behind you!


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