Tuesday, January 1, 2013

One Little Word - 2013

Hello! I've watched over the last several years as a number of artists whose blogs I read have chosen a word to focus on and grow with throughout the year. Ali Edwards started her "one little word" back in 2006. I have to admit, initially I thought it was silly. However, I've watched these women embrace their words, and grow and thrive. I feel in a rut. I have for quite some time. When I'm at work, I'm thinking about what I'd like to be doing if I were home (don't worry, I get plenty of my work done while thinking about being somewhere else ;) ), yet when I'm at home and could be working on all (or some) of the projects that I have swirling around in my head and heart I don't focus my energy. I sit on the internet, shop, watch tv, perform piddly projects at home. I want to lose weight and exercise, yet I do nothing about it. You get the picture, right?
I've had a business in my mind for a lot of years; I make things that I haven't seen elsewhere. Do I create them and sell them? No. Well, it's time. I'm 50; my life is, most likely (though my grandmother will be 97 next month!), more than half over. I had wanted to firmly have my crap together by the time I turned 50. I certainly have lots of it together, but there's lots I don't. I'm the only person who can create the life I want - it won't happen while I sit back and watch. So, I'm picking a word for this year and I'm going to join Ali in a year-long One Little Word 2013 journey.

My word? FOCUS!

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