Saturday, March 16, 2013

Reveal - Holiday Bling Blog Hop 3, February/March

Well good morning to you. Welcome to the reveal of the Holiday Bling Blog Hop 3! Are you ready to hop?! I am, well, almost. I've finished one of my projects for this sweet hop, the other is in process. I had a pleasant evening planned for last night - dinner out with the Hubs, finishing my project, hearing from my youngest that her plane was on the ground at Logan from Dallas and then going to bed, knowing she'd soon be home after the bus ride from Boston.

Whelp, when God gave out the Luck 'o the Irish, He skipped this Irishman (I think He mocks me sometimes). As a mother, you never want to have this text exchange with your baby (no matter how old the baby is): Gabrielle: "Our plane is delayed."; me: "How long?": "an hour", "ok, keep me posted-love you". Gabrielle: "Can you call Concord to see if they can hold the bus, we're going to land just before the last bus to Maine for the night?"; me: "No go, you'll gain a few minutes because you're the third pick-up. Run to the bus stop when you disembark." Two hours later: "We haven't even boarded yet, we're not going to make the bus (next bus is at 5:55 a.m.). Matt is going to come get us."

Matt, God love him, is my younger son. So, the Hubs and I, after dinner, had to go pick up her car, which we had previously dropped off at the bus terminal, fill the tank, drive it to our son and his fiance' Katie in the next town. In the process of doing this I receive another text (there had, of course been a fair number in between with me continually telling her I love her - I'm sure she got sick of that, I didn't.); Gabrielle: "We still haven't boarded. Something is wrong with the plane."; "Oh. Good. Lord!" (that was me); "With the fuel connecting to the engine.".......... Sick. To. My. Stomach. Holy. Maccaroni..........

3+ hours later, she was on her way home. I was in no state to work on project 2. Sorry Sherri, I will finish it today and post later. First, a great big thank you to both Marlene and Shelley for creating this fun hop. My partner for this swap is the lovely and extremely talented Sherri Stokey of Knot Just Macrame. I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly talented Sherri is. I do not have the patience or the vision to create the tiny, intricate works of art that she creates. Just amazing! I received a lovely assortment of handpainted lucite flowers (lucite is one of my favorites having worked at The Beadin' Path and having been a long time customer), and micro-macrame components. After a series of emails Sherri had suggested spring themed components. Fab! She also, cleverly, came up with our holiday: Everything You Do Is Right day, which is celebrated on March 16. Perfect! How sweet is that?!

These are the sweet components I received from Sherri:
The project I have completed was made from the micro-macrame components. I was a bit unorthodox / unconventional with them. I hope you don't mind Sherri. While I thoroughly enjoy making jewelry, I'm an ornament girl. I'm always collecting. I have Easter ornaments, Halloween ornaments, boat-loads of Christmas ornaments, Valentine's ornaments ...... So, I decided to make ornaments with them. I have an Easter tree (which we, suspiciously, can't find - or my collection of ornaments.....), and I've bought them for my girls and started them with a collection. So, without further ado - my Easter ornaments:
I used polymer clay, stamps, pearl ex powders, Swarovski flat back crystals and pearls, and lucite leaves. I love them. I'm not overly thrilled with the color of the purple, I had tried to mute it a bit by blending it - it's still a bit bright. I need to come up with something to soften the color a bit. Other than that, though, I love them.
So, what's a girl to do when she can't find her Easter tree? Make a temporary one. I have a plethora of "stuff", so I used a few of my driftwood pieces, some raffia, and my white beach stones. Voila - an Easter ornament tree!
Please check back later today to see the other piece I'm creating with Sherri's beautiful lucite flowers. So, grab a cuppa' and hop along to see the other holidays being celebrated in February and March. Thanks so much for stopping by!
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  1. I love ornaments, too, Lori! Your "tree" looks great with its sweet little PC eggs. Sherri's lovely links are so spring-like, and what nice colour combos. Hope your "little girl" is none the worse for wear after her ordeal.

  2. Really cool ornaments for your tree. I felt a lump in my chest reading your post...I have two boys and they are still young, can't even imagine the day when they are old enough to travel home. At this point I still wish they would live with us forever.

  3. Those are really cute. I love the tree also. You did a great job with Sherri's components and I love that you used them to make something other than jewelry.

  4. Love the tree and those components are wonderful! I think they are stunning on the eggs!

  5. I'm an ornament collector too! Why is is so hard to find a cute Easter tree? I've been looking for one for years now. I adore your temporary tree. Those ornaments are super cute, especially the pink one.

  6. Great post and such cool pieces. This really was a great hop :-)

  7. So glad the drama of your daughter and the problem plane worked out for you all. Those ornaments are delicious, and your temporary tree could certainly become a permanent one. Thanks so much for joining us in this Holiday Celebration

  8. Well how dang clever are you?! Those ornaments are sweet. I love when people go all out for their holidays. I always talk about it but never get there! These are really neat! Great job!!
    ~ Shelley

  9. Wow!! Firstly, Sherri sent you such neat components! I really admire her painted polymer flowers & of course her micro-macrame is outstanding! But then you've taken it a whole new level of cool here with your adorable Easter eggs!! I love them. Your Easter egg tree turned out great too (and I'm sure the other will appear when you least expect it ;)! And how neat-o that you worked at "The Beadin' Path" -- I love to watch their youtube videos :)

    I want to also thank you for your widget for organ donation. My daughter died in July, and was also an organ donor. Like your son, she was young, born in '83 and just 28 years old. I'm going to post the widget on my blog too, and like you, create a page for her and for organ donation.

    love to you,

  10. GREAT ornaments, Lori! I love that you used the macrame in something other than jewelry!

  11. Great stuff! I’m part of the bead soup party. Looking forward to the reveals. I'm now following you. I have a new blog. Please consider following my jewelry blog. Thanks.


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