Monday, March 3, 2014

AJE Component of the Month - Fluttering Hearts!

Well welcome to my little corner of the internet! I'm so very excited to have been selected to participate in the Art Jewelry Elements February component of the month challenge! I couldn't wait to get my hands on one of the beautiful hearts Melissa created - it's gorgeous!
I had a thought in my head when I saw the original post, but I had to wait to receive my heart to see if it would work. I've altered my heart Melissa, I hope you don't mind!
The heart in hand motif has a lot of meaning for me, especially at this time of year. So, that's what I wanted to work on. I'm really happy with how my focal turned out. I balled up a couple of pieces of silver wire, colored them with alcohol ink and inserted them into the holes on the heart. I then used ICE Resin to attach the heart to the painted, stained glass hand pendant I created.
I used more alcohol ink on washers from the hardware store and connected them with jump rings (I'm short a couple of large ones so the necklace is not quite finished yet. I also added a Basha bead that I had received in a mix from a prior challenge with Andrew Thornton. The colors were a perfect match for this piece (though I may move it down to the lower washer location - not sure).
I finished it with a sterling heart lobster clasp and some short lengths of chain - and done!

Thanks so much to the folks at AJE for the opportunity to play along! Please take a peek at what the other artists did with their components:

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  1. Lori-We were lucky to get Melissa's heart so we could create very special pieces! I am sure you will treasure your heart in hand.

  2. Love that you added it to the hand piece!! I thought about using one of my spoons...I will have to sit down and play some more with my piece.

  3. Excellent! Thanks so much for playing along! I'm sorry about your son, I can see how this would be special to you!

  4. Lori! I love this so much! You were so right to alter the heart to fit with your design! Thanks so much for participating!

  5. The hand and heart is a wonderful, evocative icon. The colors are fabulous!

  6. Wow, enamel and stained glass--stunning combination!! And the imagery is just perfect. Really beautiful with silver. Bravo!

  7. I love the idea of using stained glass... The mixture of colours is perfect, it all came together beautifully!

  8. Bestill my heart!!!!!!!!!! I am in love with this! What a fantastic use of the heart and I love the washers!!!!!!!!

  9. This is awesome! Your stained glass hand is WOW, WOW, WOW!!! I am hoping to learn to do stained glass soon...yeah, just one more thing on this ever growing list of mediums I am working in! LOL


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