Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Spirit

I had so much fun with the ABS Ornament Blog Hop! It really put me in the Christmas spirit looking at all of the amazing art that was created for our Christmas trees. I received some lovely comments on my blog about my ornament. I was surprised at the number of Leos! I too am a Leo, July 27 (so are my husband and dad)! So, I decided to do a giveaway as I had an extra lion face. I placed Marie Cramp, Jewels by Ine, Diana P., and SueBeads names in a hat ('cause I'm all high tech) as they commented they they either were a Leo themselves or love a Leo, and had Hazel draw the winner. The winner is Diana of Suburban Girl Studio!

And, because I felt bad that I hadn't included everyone in the drawing because they weren't Leos and it is the season for giving and all - I did a second drawing with the names of the rest of the commenters! The winner of a surprise ornament is - Kathleen Lange Klik!
And, to add to the oh-so-funny list, I just hopped over Kathleen's blog to copy her URL and saw that she did the very same thing. Guess who the winner was?? Miss Diana, you are a lucky girl!

Thanks again to Heather Powers of ABS for hosting this fun hop!

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