Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mismatched Art Bead Earring Swap

Hello and welcome! Today is reveal day for the Mismatched Art Bead Earring Swap hosted by the lovely Diana Ptaszynski of Suburban Girl Beads and Suburban Girl Studio. Thank you so much Diana for hosting such a wonderful swap, I know it's a lot of work and a bit of frustration to put these together! These are the first pair of really mismatched earrings I've made or received. It was a challenge, you should have seen my dining room table.....
Diana paired me for this swap with the very, very talented Lesley Watt of THEAtoo jewelry components and THEAjewellery. Lesley is not only a talented component designer, her jewelry designs are simply amazing. Lesley sent me a pair of earrings that goes with so many things - I love them!! They go with so many of my tops!
Lesley featured bronze clay bead caps that she made along with lampworked beads by two artisans: Josephine Wadman crafted the larger patterned beads and Pebbledreamss created the smaller solid colored beads. Aren't they great!?! Thank you again Lesley for being such a wonderful swap partner! You can check out Lesley's blog The Gossiping Goddess to see the autumnal earrings I created for her using some vintage and hand painted components! Here's a little sneaky peak:
Now, go visit all of these other talented designers to see what they received and swapped!:

Charlene Jacka   http://clay-space.com/blog


  1. These beauties would go with everything in my wardrobe, too. I love coral and cream! And I just stopped over at Lesley's blog and oohed and aah-ed over that fabulous pair you crafted for her!

  2. Gorgeous colors, and I love the mismatching on these. Lesley is a fantastic designer.

  3. Beautiful! And the ones you made for the swap are just gorgeous!

  4. So glad you like you earrings Lori - I love mine and am really pleased to have been paired with you :0)

  5. What happy little earrings. They made me smile.

    ARGH! CAPTCHA! Stopped smiling. Let's see if I can get this in less than 10 tries.

    1. Sorry about that! Mary mentioned it earlier and I thought it was turned off (I didn't think it had ever been turned on)!

  6. Lori, Lesley's coral/scarlet colored earrings are so nice! I love the bronze clay caps she made to frame the lampwork beads she used in the design.

    I loved the autumn themed earrings you created for her. The mix of all the materials, ceramic disc beads, twisted wire chainmaille rose, and the copper metallic leaves look wonderful with your handpainted acorn and leaf pieces. WONDERFUL fall feel. Gorg!!

  7. Ooh, lovely colours and such a simple, effective assymmetry too. The earrings you sent Lesley were also wonderful!

  8. This earrings remind me of blue skies and the beach, love it!

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