Friday, August 5, 2011

Fruits of the Season

Our town started a farmer's market on Thursday afternoon/evening a couple of weeks ago. Hazel (my husband - the reference is to the television show from the early/mid 60's with the live-in maid Hazel (played by Shirley Booth) - he cooks and cleans.) and I went for the first time last night. It was lovely.

beets & radishes from Alewives Brook Farm, Cape Elizabeth, ME

The neighboring city of Portland has had a very successful (and much larger) farmer's market on Saturday at Deering Oaks Park and on Wednesday at Monument Square (spring through fall). It is a wonderful experience with everything from seedlings and perennials, to eggs, fruits, flowers, veggies, organic meats, etc.

 flowers & basil, Alewives Brook Farm

We bought our first locally grown corn on the cob of the season (dinner tonight!), cherry tomatoes and high bush blueberries at Alewives. Alewives is a wonderful local farm run by the Jordan family. They have veggies, turkeys, lobster (yum-o!), and eggs.

Very tasty bread from Cambridge Coffee Bar & Bakehouse (yummy!), South Portland, ME. The baguette was so yummy broken into pieces and dipped into olive oil with kosher salt & cracked black pepper! Love their coffee in the morning!

I neglected to get the name of this farm, we bought organic eggs from them.

The market is held at Thomas Knight Park, which is a park that was created when the old Million Dollar Bridge was closed and the new Casco Bay Speedway Bridge was opened. The park overlooks the Fore River as it connects to Casco Bay. Love it. I'd love to show you pictures of the park but I didn't take any yesterday (and the beautiful pictures I took there last summer were lost when my laptop crashed in March, losing 6,000ish digital images. Can you say "back-up to external hard-drive regularly"? I didn't.)

All-in-all, a very successful first trip to the market and we'll be going back again! It was nice running into old friends, acquaintances and neighbors! Do you have a favorite farmer's market in your neck of the woods?


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