Thursday, August 18, 2011

Soup Is On!!

My Bead Soup package has been mailed to Marci (though I forgot to put her card in, so that's going to arrive separately). I hope she loves them! I'm anxiously awaiting Marci's beads to me!

When I found out Marci was my partner and went to her blog, I was struck by what we have in common. I think our lives are probably quite different, yet there are things that really struck me. I told Lori in an email that I had to close my laptop and walk away for a day before I could write to Marci. The last blog post Marci had written talked about her insecurities about joining the BSBP group (me too), her frustration with disorganization and being overwhelmed though she's a very organized person (me too), their dog (oy, me again), how her husband is her rock (me too), our age (youthful!). The similarities were striking, but that's not what's most striking.

Then there was Marci's post about memory beads, now that piqued my interest. You see, we lost our beautiful T.J. just over seven years ago. I've had the rose petals from his funeral in a bag all this time waiting to be made into rose petal beads. I also have my grandmother's rose petals from her funeral six and a half years ago for the same purpose. It was a shock, yet a pleasant one. It just seemed to me that it was meant that we were to be paired!

As I said to Lori, I don't know if it was Divine intervention, kismet, the divine bead goddess or what, but I do believe I was meant to participate in this project at this time in my life. It just feels right and I can't wait to jump in with both feet!


  1. Your story, when you emailed me, just stopped me in my tracks, and when I read it to my husband, it did him, too.

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words, Lori.


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