Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Give Kids A Chance - The Tamarindo Foundation

John Guiliano (center in black) and some of the Tamarindos
Good day to you! I'm asking that folks who stop by my little slice of cyberspace take a hop on over to my daughter Gabrielle's blog Seeds of a Sunflower to read her blog post today about the Tamarindo Foundation (a 501(c)(3) non-profit) it's founder John Guiliano, and his rapidly upcoming trek across America Give Kids A Chance Tour to raise funds for his Tamarindos.
John is a fascinating man who has given selflessly for over twenty years to the people of Guarjila (in the Chalatenango province), El Salvador, near the border of Honduras. This area was devastated by the twelve year civil war (1980-1992) in El Salvador. The goal of the Tamarindo Foundation is to raise money to help the children of Guarjila and their families who were displaced economically and socially with opportunity for healthcare, jobs and micro-business development, education, spirituality, and fostering community pride and civic action.
While my family is not a family of means, we do not do without. I know very, very few people who cannot afford to donate, even a small amount, to help such a wonderful organization help so many with so little. I'm asking my readers, my family and my friends to go to the Give Kids A Chance Tour donation page and make a donation.
In-line hockey as well as bicycling and arts and crafts activities are a big hit with the kids.

It takes a village, will my village help?


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