Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gossiping Goddess / Kaz Baildon Bead Giveaway Blog Hop

Good day to you! Welcome to the reveal of the Kaz Baildon Bead Giveaway Blog Hop hosted by the lovely Lesley Watt of The Gossiping Goddess blog, THEAtoo and THEAjewellery. Lesley is a multi-talented jewelry and component designer. I was delighted to be paired with her a few months ago in Diana Ptaszynski's Mismatched Art Bead Earring Swap, and received a beautiful pair of earrings that go with so many things in my wardrobe!

Lesley put out a call several months ago for folks to put their names into the proverbial hat to receive beads that had been generously given to her by Kaz Baildon of Cheeky Cherub Designs. We would not know which beads we would receive and were charged with creating jewelry, accessories, ornaments - whatever we could dream up. I was very excited to be selected!
I promptly received my beads from Lesley and immediately thought I'd made a pair of earrings and a pendant for a necklace. Aren't they gorgeous! They have quite a bit of heft to them - one is just a tiny bit larger than the other two. I made the earrings first, however, they were a bit too heavy for my earlobes. I'm not sure if a smaller pair of ear wires would have made a difference or not; the antiqued brass kidney wires I had were definitely too long to support the weight of the earrings. I used vintage brass bells, Swarovski crystals, vintage lucite, dyed banded agate and pearls with brass headpins, bead caps and wire to make the dangles. I was bummed and slept on it.
Ultimately, I thought about working them into a necklace but wasn't sure how. I finally decided on a lariat so I could use both pieces. I've never made one before - certainly not because they're difficult to make! I like it! I used vintage copper chain from my favorite bead store The Beadin' Path (it's where the bulk of the other parts are from as well). It's a bit longer than in the picture above, the excess in hanging in the back so it would fit properly on the bust.
I'm not sure yet what I'll create with the third bead, but I may possibly work it into a Christmas ornament - I'm in that mode at the moment. Thank you very much Lesley for hosting such a lovely hop! Now, grab a cuppa' and see what these other designers have dreamed up (I know I will be when I return from work this evening!)!
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  1. Hi Lori, I love your larriat, great choice! those beads are singing! :0)

  2. Do you know what Lori...I jut love it when something you know is not quite right turns into something so good - I love this! It's unusual and elegant and realy makes a statement. The earrings were obviously just a temporary diversion on your path. Thank you so much for joining in the challenge.

  3. Hi Lori,
    I love your gorgeous beads and the Larriat you made with them. Beautiful!

  4. Ooooo, I love all the bead dangles, and the chain maille, and just everything about it!

    Happy creating. :-)

  5. I love the idea of a lariat necklace and the dangles just make it oh so special. Nice job!

  6. Great idea to make a lariat with chain.

  7. Oh this is beautiful! I love the chain, and the beads with the dangles are perfect with it. Excellent work!

  8. Love everything about it, especially the chain... perfect choice :) x

  9. Love what you've done with those gorgeous beads x

  10. Beautiful! Lariats are a fantastic design style and yours is great with the beads :)

  11. What rich colors are in the swirls of your beads! Lovely fall colors, and I love what you did with them! I often start as you did--with 3 beads, thinking earrings and a pendant. What a great thing to think outside the box and come up with something more stunning!

  12. Beautiful necklace great job :-)

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