Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holiday Bling 2 Blog Hop

 Good day to you! Welcome to the Holiday Bling 2 Blog Hop hosted by the lovely Shelley Graham Turner and Marlene Cupo. Thanks, ladies, for hosting such a fun event so very close to my heart! This go-round I was paired with Chandra Merod of Juniper Goods from sunny California. It's finally decided to be winter, temperature wise, here in Maine. I think I'd prefer the temps in California better (at least after Christmas - we may have a white one this year!)!
Chandra is both an artist and shop owner - how wonderful is that! I'd love to be able to create all day! She sent me two beautiful felt ornaments - love them! I just love adding new handcrafted ornaments to my tree each year. So much more special when someone makes them just for you! She sent me a sweet little gingerbread house. So special! My girls decorate a gingerbread house together every year and my youngest daughter had, what I refer to, gingerbread palooza at our house when she was a sophomore in high school - 20 girls decorating their hearts out! It was bedlam, yet a wonderful memory!
As the person who makes the special ornaments for my family every year, it's nice to be the recipient of lovely, handcrafted ornaments! The second ornament she sent to me was a beautiful little tree. Again, so special because I just love my tree each and every year. I love to get up early in the morning and sit and enjoy the tree lights while drinking my coffee. Such a wonderful way to start the day ('course it makes it hard to leave for work too!)!
This year's tree. Sorry for the bright flash, but it wasn't showing up any other way. Presents are not wrapped and under the tree yet.
Last year we had a family craft evening and made ornaments for my daughter Caitlin's first tree away from home. It was fun (well, hilarious actually). We did it again this year for my son's first tree away from home with his fiance in the home they've just purchased (tree's going up this weekend!). I think I'd actually like to make it an annual date with my family. 
Sneak Peek of the ornament I made for Chandra! Hop on over to see it!
Now, go hop along and see what these other lovely ladies have sent and received! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!
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  1. I love that the ornament triggered a memory of holidays past.

  2. I remember making felt ornaments, I still have them and still love them, so Christmasy.

  3. I love that little tree! These are such a cute idea.

  4. Ah, what great memories you are creating with your family! I love the idea of an annual ornament party. My family has an annual cookie decorating party that wasn't started until they were in high school, but they look forward to it every year. Those are some sweet ornaments, I think I am partial to the gingerbread house, though. Gina H

  5. Lori - you have some beautiful ornaments in your hands and on the tree :) The idea of an annual ornament party is beautiful - I hope you keep it an annual tradition!

  6. The ornaments are so adorable, I love felt!!

  7. Chandra's "Traditions" Christmas tree and gingerbread house felt ornaments are adorable!! Lucky you! When I read you like to get up early in the morning to enjoy the Christmas tree lights with your coffee, I had to smile! Me too :) That wonderful early morning quiet time is one of the most special parts of my Christmas each year. My middle daughter loved making ginger bread houses and even won first prize one year. Now, she is busy making gingerbread houses with her little preschool girls this year! Traditions are so special. How nice you make handmade ornaments for your son and daughter, to send them off with beloved gifts of the heart!

    Feliz Navidad Lori!


  8. Thank you for sharing your wonderful Christmas story, am sure you kids will teasure those ornaments for years to come. Thank you for being in our hop. You certainly brightened it. Happy Holidays!

  9. Great stories of family tradition! I love your tree and those cute little ornaments fit right in!

  10. I think your gifts fit your tree perfectly. Your stain glass work is incredible. How did you get the sand to adhere only where you wanted it to? Oh and I love your tradition of ornament making. I'd love to borrow that idea for a party next year.

  11. Ah how sweet those ornaments are - and tied to family memories just makes them more special! I enjoyed hearing your stories. I love the idea of getting together to make ornaments for the kids new homes (will steal that one!)

    Lori, I love your stained glass mitten ornament. It is so beautiful, and the real sand is very creative. I love that you both did something a little different.
    Thanks for participating - HAPPY HOLIDAYS, ~ Shelley

  12. Sweet little ornaments, love the idea of an ornament party.

  13. aaahh, I have found a picture from your tree from last year - what a nice tree, full of handmade items! <3


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