Monday, December 17, 2012

WOO-HOO! The Art Bead Love Tour is headed my way!

I am over the moon excited! The Art Bead Love Tour chain started by the lovely ladoes of Love My Art Jewelry is on its way to me!! I had a lovely surprise facebook email from Mimi Gardner of baubles, beads & other curiosities, the most recent holder of the chain, yesterday suggesting I take a peek at her recent blog post - I am ecstatic! I cannot wait to hold that beautiful piece of art in my hands and gaze upon it with my own two eyes. I'm not yet sure what I'll add to it, as I'd like to see what beauties I'd like to remove from it first! Stay tuned folks, your chance to win is coming up soon!


  1. Cannot wait to see what you choose and add, Lori! :) Have fun!!

  2. You are so lucky to have gotten your hands on this thing. I've been fantasizing about it for years, but most of the time I have trouble even keeping track of it. You're a lucky girl. :)


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